By Vivien:
"It's much easier to make people cry than to make them laugh." Talking to critics about her reviews for "The Mask of Virtue" (1935), her second play on the London stage:

"People who are very beautiful make their own laws."

"Some critics saw fit to say that I was a great actress. I thought that was a foolish, wicked thing to say because it put such an onus and such a responsibility onto me, which I simply wasn't able to carry."

"A woman's charm is 50% illusion."

"My birth sign is Scorpio and they eat themselves up and burn themselves out. I swing between happiness and misery. I am part non-conformist. I say what I think, and I don't pretend and I am prepared to accept the consequences of my actions."

"Some force within myself would not be denied expression."

About Vivien:
Her life was extra-ordinarily rich and varied. She lived in her fifty years what other people might in ten lives. --Mills Martin, childhood friend

She holds the audience in the palm of her hand. --The Stage London