Internet Movie Database
a great reference start, equipped with biographies, trivia, and links to many other sources of photos & websites.

Vivien Leigh: An Actress with Beauty & Grace
a new website with lots of information about Ms. Leigh. It has a great photo album, filmography, etc.

Vivien Leigh Pages

Vivien Leigh Pages
an excellent source of information about Vivien Leigh, including a biography, articles, quotes, faq, and a photo gallery, to name a few.

Corey's Vivien Leigh Home Page
a nice looking site with a biography, filmography, photo gallery, and links.

~Visit The Essence of Vivien Leigh~

The Essence of Vivien Leigh
a new and nice site with a big photo gallery, biography, statistics, and a really nice page about the last few days up until her death

Elizabeth's Vivien Leigh Pages
a very nice site with a short biography, photos, quotations, and a link to her Gone with the Wind movie site.

Golden Years: Vivien Leigh
a great reference site, equipped with many links.

Jeffrey Esmond's Shrine to Vivien Leigh
a pictorial tribute to Vivien, mostly from Gone with the Wind.

Life and Films of Vivien Leigh
a new website of Vivien Leigh, with quotes, sound clips, a long biography, etc.

Unforgettable: Vivien Leigh
a pretty good page about Vivien.

Meredy's Vivien Leigh Trivia Page
a trivia webpage.

Online Exhibit: Gone With the Wind
an absolute excellent site about the making of Gone With the Wind. Especially interesting is "The Search for Scarlett" link, in which you can see various screen tests of Viv and others vying for the part.

Vivien Leigh
another site with some interesting photos

Vivien Leigh: The Last Press Conference
a site devoted to the stage production all about Vivien's life

Scarlett Fever
a colorful and extensive website by those who love her Gone with the Wind character, Scarlett O'Hara.

Vivien Leigh Mailing List
sign up and talk about Vivien with other fans. I'm subscribed to it as well! :)

Gone With the Wind Webring
the main webring site with links to sites devoted to her big movie hit, Gone with the Wind.