The original document that helped "make" VivienThis was the review (for stage production: The Mask of Virtue, 1935) that gave Vivien . The following text is the original review:

VIVIEN LEIGH  in "The Mask of Virtue"
It is an agreeable task to be able to welcome a new actress with unrestrained praise. "The Mask of Virtue" obtained a personal triumph for Vivien Leigh, a discovery of Sydney Carroll. Miss Leigh is ravishingly pretty which might not matter but that her talent equals her beauty. She moves with grace. She is lovely in repose. Her voice is most attractive, and warmth, ardour and sincerity are not wanting in her acting. Vivien Leigh gave genuine life to the part of the girl enchantingly reconciling her conflicting qualities. Her quiet dignity in the acceptance of a repugnant task, the growth of affection, and the awakening to the sense of a triumph odious to her, were beautifully expressed and composed a performance that grew in loveliness and interest. -- A. E. Wilson, The Star. May 16th, 1935.

This text taken from Vivien Leigh by Anne Edwards, Copyright 1977. Please see credits page for bibliography.