Books About Marlene:

Marlene Dietrich Marlene Dietrich
by: Maria Riva; 2/94
Review: The full-scale, riveting, hitherto untold story of Marlene Dietrich--the Berlin child, the young actress, the wife, mother, lover, and, for more than a half century, the international star--as no one but her daughter, Maria Riva, could tell it. Includes fascinating first-time, close-up glimpses of international film, stage, and literary circles from the 1920s through the 1960s. 217 photographs.
Marlene Dietrich: The Songbook Marlene Dietrich: The Songbook
by: Hal Leonard; 1/99

Review: No Review Available
Marlene Dietrich: A Hollywood Portrait Marlene Dietrich: A Hollywood Portrait
by: Marie J. Cahill; 8/96
Review: Full of fascinating pictures, this look at one of Hollywood's greatest legends captures Dietrich in her most famous roles, including Morocco, Golden Earrings, Destry Rides Again, and others.
Marlene Dietrich (Lives of Notable Gay Men and Lesbians) Marlene Dietrich (Lives of Notable Gay Men and Lesbians)
by: Wednesday K. Martin; 4/95
Review: The scholarly but readable text candidly explores Dietrich's bisexual affairs while detailing her career as a glamorous actress. Informative and enlightening, the biography has much to offer both homosexual and heterosexual adolescents. Black-and-white photographs are included. Bib., ind. (From: The Horn Book, Inc.)
The Complete Films of Marlene Dietrich
by: Homer Dickens; 8/92
Review: No Review Available
I Wish You Love : Conversations With Marlene Dietrich
by: Eryk Hanut, Anne-Pauline De Castries; 5/96

Review: An unusually fine celebrity memoir surfaces in Eryk Hanut's "I Wish You Love: Conversations with Marlene Dietrich." For several years before Dietrich's death in 1992 at the age of 91, Hanut, a young Dane living in Paris, carried on wide-ranging phone chats with the aged star. Hanut's records of these talks reveal Dietrich as an intelligent woman of fiery opinion, and the author as a sensitive soul who here offers neither hagiography nor indictment, but a tender, thoughtful appreciation of a woman turned legend. --Publisher's Weekly, April 15, 1996
The Day Marlene Dietrich Died
by: Rachel Wyatt; 3/97
Review: No Review Available
Dressing the Part : Sternberg, Dietrich, and Costume
by: Sybil Delgaudio; 7/93
Review: No Review Available
My Life
by: Marlene Dietrich; 4/89
Review: No Review Available
(out of print)
The Idea of the Image : Josef Von Sternberg's Dietrich Films
by: Carole Zucker; 6/88
Review: No Review Available
(out of print)
Blue Angel : The Life of Marlene Dietrich
by: Donald Spoto

(out of print)
Falling in Love Again : Marlene Dietrich
by: Donald Spoto

(out of print)
by: Alexander Walker

(out of print)
Dietrich : Style and Substance
by: Patrick O'Connor

Review: A look at the life and career of the actress presents more than 150 informal, off-screen photographs, many never before published, that chart her evolution from cabaret singer in the 1920s to screen legend. 10,000 first printing.
(out of print)


Videos About/Featuring Marlene:

An Evening With Marlene Dietrich An Evening With Marlene Dietrich
60m; Avail: VHS; 1973
An affectionate homage to this movie legend comprised of early interviews, film clips, rare photos, and vintage newsreel footage. Also contains a stand out live stage performance which recreates the finest musical sequences from her films.
Marlene Marlene
96m; Avail: VHS; 1984
Haunting, one-of-a-kind documentary about reclusive actress Marlene Dietrich. Innovative film interweaves tape-recorded interview with representations of her apartment, film clips. A must for old-Hollywood buffs, fans of voyeuristic character studies.
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