Internet Movie Database
A great reference start, equipped with biographies, trivia, and links to many other sources of photos & websites.
Marlene's 'official' website. Very visually appealing and contains much insider information about Marlene.

Silent Artists: Marlene Dietrich
All about Marlene, the silent artist. Filmography, Photos & Related links

Elizabeth's Marlene Dietrich Page (
A pretty good page about Marlene, with photos, movies featured, and quite a few links

The German Way: Marlene Dietrich
Marlene and her stormy relationship with her native country, Germany.

The Marlene Dietrich Home Page
A pretty good page featuring a biography, filmography, photos, links, etc.

Marlene: Meik's Tribute to the Goddess of the Century
Another really good site, with all the usuals, theatre appearances, books/cds, etc. Available in German, too.

Marlene Dietrich (
A small site, with a collection of photos

Marlene Dietrich (
A really nice and visually appealing site. I definitely recommend this one!

Marlene Dietrich Bio
A pretty long biography of Ms. Dietrich

AMC Behind the Scenes: Marlene Dietrich
A small article about Ms. Dietrich, including a filmography

Romantically Linked: Marlene Dietrich
Marlene's relationships with men (and women)

Golden Years: Marlene Dietrich
A great reference site, equipped with many links.

Autographics - Marlene Dietrich
Another biography and filmography.

Marlene Dietrich's Gravesite