Internet Movie Database
a great reference start, equipped with biographies, trivia, and links to many other sources of photos & websites.

Elizabeth Taylor Tribute
a nice collection of photos, as well as other links to movie star legends.

Elizabeth's Elizabeth Taylor Pages
a good site with lots of pictures and a short biography, not to mention a nice set of links.

Elizabeth Taylor
a fairly nice webpage about Liz that has photos, a biography, and misc. links. note: it takes awhile to load.

Elizabeth Taylor Home Page
a short biography with photos, and has a link to a really nice collection of photos, many of them featured on this website!

Golden Years: Elizabeth Taylor
a great reference site, equipped with many links.

Nostalgi 4: Elisabeth Taylor
a nice photo website, but they spelled her name wrong!!!

A Tribute
another tribute to Liz, with many links to sites devoted to her and some of her films.

Trivette's Tribute to Taylor
one of, if not the best website devoted to Elizabeth Taylor. Also has a great page devoted to the movie, Cleopatra. note: it does take awhile to load.

Autographics - Elizabeth Taylor
a long biography and filmography.

Liz Taylor's Husbands
all about Liz's many men.

Elizabeth's Monthly TV Schedule
a monthly listing of movies currently being shown on television.